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Dedication & Commitment:   Tribe is dedicated to providing some high scale and competitive playing opportunities. We seek to provide a wholesome and fun environment for our players, and their families. Bonding together as one team, building lasting friendships, and watching kids and parents become one big family is what it is all about here. This is worth more than any wins one could achieve. In our opinion, this is what makes a true ‘team.’  We shall endeavor to instruct, develop, and master the fundamentals and strategies of lacrosse. They will be taught just what teamwork is.  They will learn what it takes to truly be prepared as a player, for this type of competition, at this level of play. They will also be getting prepared to compete at the next level of play. Players will learn this through structured practices and tournament competition, where they will play against some of the best clubs and talented players. Most (if not all) of the players making a commitment to Tribe, have the desire to play lacrosse at a higher level.  In order for us to make that dream a reality, it will take a great deal of commitment on your part.  Players MUST attend all practices.  If you are not dedicated to the sport and committed to your teammates, we are simply not the right club for you moving forward.  There are plenty of clubs out there who will be happy to collect your payment, hand you a jersey and have you participate in 60 percent of the lacrosse season.  We just aren't one of those clubs.  Please consider the effort and energy it will take to make a full commitment to our club before accepting a roster spot on one of our teams.

Player Character and Accountability:  We intend for our players at Tribe to gain confidence through hard work, cooperation, and perseverance. We are committed to preserving the “honor of the game” and to promote positive sportsmanship along the way. We expect our parents, coaches, and players to abide by our code of conduct which embodies Tribe’s core values. To be a member of Tribe you must pledge yourself to a higher accountability. This demands that you be a better person, and teammate, than you are a player. We can accomplish this through example, and by setting a standard of conduct on and off the field, at all times. Members will represent all aspects of Tribe Lacrosse (Passion, Respect, and Humility). You must be willing to challenge yourself to achieve excellence, even when you are in doubt, and play with a deep reservoir of heart and pride at all times. Coaches cultivate player’s self-respect, respect for others, discipline, enthusiasm, and teamwork.  We foster an environment where all participants have fun and develop some lifelong friendships along the way. We understand that with time the athletics will fade.  However, their character, humility and integrity learned here at Tribe will last a lifetime.

Player Development:  Lacrosse is a very skill driven and competitive sport.  Our goal is to coach our players to their highest capability.  We will teach the skills needed for them to become the most successful lacrosse players possible.   We focus on the individual skill development AND team play.  Tribe players will learn the dynamics of team collaboration.  We take pride in the consistency of our high intensity practices.  Our goal is to transform our players into more developed lacrosse players overall.  We will work to bring out the best of our players’ hidden leadership skills and help to develop those skills further.  The results are in your players’ hands.  If a player does not use his lacrosse stick at least once a week over the so called off-season, he is certainly taking steps backwards while his peers are potentially improving.  If a player practices once a week, he is likely to maintain his current lacrosse skills. If a player practices lacrosse twice a week, it is highly likely he will make progress on his stick skills and improve as a player.  If a player has the opportunity to practice or play lacrosse 3 times a week or more, you can be certain that this player will be making weekly progress and will enjoy a significant advantage over his peers.  

Opportunity and Experience:  We provide opportunities for players to participate in local, regional, and possible national tournaments. We do our best to play kids evenly over the course of a tournament, but not each and every game.   At some of these tournaments, we are scheduled by the tournament director in the various brackets based on team strength and overall age.  Sometimes we are clearly a much better team, and sometimes we are physically overmatched from the start.  In both cases, we will use our discretion to keep the game safe for all participants, to treat the players from both teams with respect and concern, and to give our players the opportunity to develop in a safe and fun environment.

The memories of my past club teams is a reminder to me of how great it is to play with kids from outside of my area.  Some of my best friends are guys that I played with or against in high school, college, and club.  I think there is much to be said for playing with kids from different backgrounds, from taking a step or two outside of our comfort zones, and from learning to play with new teammates and within new coaching philosophies. These experiences shaped me as a person, and as a player.  I know they can offer the same opportunity to your lacrosse player. Encourage them to make friends with the guys from other cities and schools, to teach them something new, to learn something new, and to experience something new.