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Team Rules, Expectations, Values

These are the standards that we expect you to follow as a Tribe Lacrosse player.  We will live by the virtues of Passion, Respect, and Humility.

Family, School, and Community Citizenship:   

  • Your family, your health, your grades, your friends and teammates are your priorities.
  • Good grades and behavior are reflections of whom you are and who you may become.
  • Respect your club’s property; help take care of it, as it is for your use as well.
  • Set positive examples for the rest of the Tribe players, whether you know it or not, you will be looked upon as a role model by some.

Standards of Behavior

  • No player is guaranteed a set amount of playing time; we do try to get everyone a fair amount of time depending on the game situations. Game time is also earned at practices and game performance.
  • To play lacrosse at the high level, you must go above and beyond the daily season practices or games, this means you should practice on your own.
  • If you are injured you must tell your coach at once, and he can help direct you what to do next. Do not hide an injury, in the grand scheme of life your health will come first!

Attendance and Tardiness Policies: 

  • Tribe’s field season is our club’s top priority. If you are involved on other teams, you can arrange your schedule around our practices and tournaments (see your coach for help in this matter if need be). If it is found that a player is missing his practices or games to attend another sport event without notifying his coaches for prior approval, this will result in reduced playing time. If this becomes a persistent problem it can be grounds for immediate dismissal from the team, without refund.
  • Your team counts on you for practices and games; if you will be late it is asked that you contact your coach via text, email, or phone call.
  • Your attendance is expected at every practice and tournament. An excused absence is one that has been cleared by the coach, with a parent; before it occurs. 
  • Each player is expected to be properly dressed with their practice jersey and ready to go on time. There may be additional conditioning to make up for missed practice time (coaches discretion).  


  • Playing time will not be discussed with parents.
  • Players should bring any concerns to coaches in private:
    • Talk with your position coach first.
    • Talk with the position coach and head coach.
    • If need be, talk with all coaches, parent, and club Director.
    • Any and all conversations will take place after a practice, unless conditions warrant a better place or time.
    • We will not handle a bigger issue over the phone or by email/text.
  • Our primary means of communication will be via email. Please make sure your contact information is up to date on Tribe’s website.

Uniform and Equipment:

  • The care of uniforms and equipment is your responsibility. If you lose any part of your uniform or equipment you will be charged the full replacement cost.
  • You should make sure to clean all of your equipment and uniforms at least once a week.
  • All players must be fully equipped for every practice and wear equipment at all times unless otherwise instructed by your coaches. The mandatory equipment is: Helmet, Shoulder pads, Elbow pads, Athletic cup, Gloves, Sticks, and Mouthpiece.

Practice Standards; Educate, Demonstrate, Correct, Practice!!

  • We will take every opportunity to blow the whistle and stop practice to correct bad technique.
  • When stick handling fundamentals or methods of play are corrected by a coach, those players who refuse to correct this mistake may be told to do push-ups, while the others more willing to learn to do it right will play on!
  • Dress:  A practice jersey is to be worn to every practice. When needed for weather reasons, sweats or spandex may be worn under pads. “TOGETHER,” as a team, all players are required to be in full uniform for every game.
  • Behavior: Whenever being addressed by coaches, take a knee and listen.
    • Always run hard in drills and when moving from drill to drill.
    • No foul language; try to keep it to yourself (self- control).
    • Control your temper in practice, we are teammates, we work it out “Together.”
    • Be respectful of others.
    • On time means ready to go!
    • Be dressed and stretch without having to be told by the coaches.
    • Help pick up all supplies or trash at practices or away events.
    • All equipment that is property of our club must be returned at the required time, take pride and care for these things that we all use together to help us be successful.
    • The use of social media of any kind to trash talk, bully, harass, threaten, intimidate, embarrass, or degrade anyone will be grounds for dismissal, without refund.

Game Conduct Standards:

The following rules are designed to instill a feeling of team unity and pride. Every player is asked to follow these standards. If he cannot comply with these rules he should not be a part of our Tribe. If a player is found not to be following these rules on the field, he may be removed from the game briefly to be reminded of the Tribe way of conducting ourselves.

  • Sprint to:
    • A huddle on sidelines.
    • Out of bounds plays, we need to be set up in time.
    • Off the field at the end of a quarter, or a time-out.
    • Onto the field at the beginning of a quarter, or end of a time-out.
    • To get a ball after a shot, and to get set up for a play.
  • The Bench should cheer on teammates for:
    • A score.
    • A teammate’s good play, hustle, and efforts.
    • Defense plays that result in a turn over.
    • An injured player removed from the field for either team (out of respect).
  • Bench Sideline Will:
    • Stand in their order by position: midfield, defense, attack, goalies.
    • Stand back from sideline, paying attention to action on the field, with helmet on and snapped; ready to go when called upon.
    • During a time-out, keep quiet and let the players on the field nearest the coach.
    • Keep area neat and clean with bags together at the farthest end of bench.
    • All extra sticks will be lined up behind bench area by position.
    • Say or do nothing that will show disrespect to other players, referees, fans, and coaches.
  • Players on the field WILL NOT:
    • Show any disrespect toward a referee call, this does include gestures and body language, leave it to the coaches to handle.
    • Show disrespect toward a coach for correcting you or removing you from a game for any reason.
    • Hang your head, or slam your stick.
    • Show any signs of disrespect towards a teammate for any reasons, i.e. if they are making bad plays or mistakes, let the coaches handle it.
    • Trash Talk or Fight with Anyone! This is in no way the TRIBE WAY of conducting ourselves.


**Any violations could result in suspensions from practices and or games.

**Many of the tournaments have a NO TOLERANCE RULE; they will kick a player, and/or the entire team out of their tournament!

**Any fighting or game misconduct penalties are serious infractions and will not be tolerated. Discipline up to and including suspension from the team will be determined by officials, coaches and the director based upon the severity of the infraction!

**These actions are not conducive to a positive environment and will not be tolerated at a practice or a game.

All players are expected to represent TRIBE Lacrosse in a positive manner at all times (no matter how hard it may be). The Director reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any player,without refund, for conduct not in the best interest of the team or Tribe Lacrosse.